Let's take care of your health:

As simple

As washing your hands.

We have designed the simplest experience for your daily routine. Our technology is painless, accurate and will allow you to be aware of the impact of each activity on your health, holistically.

The box

Simply put your hand in.

Unifying the most accurate technologies: PPG, ECG, optical pressure sensors, and a spectrometer. From your home Wi-fi, it securely connects to our platform where you can choose to share your data with doctors to ask questions and get recommendations.

The cartridge

Just press it on your arm.

Our motto when designing it: one step, no pain, disposable.
Using vaccum, it draws 3 drops of blood serum from the layer of your skin that doesn't contain nerves, you don't feel a thing. Put it back in the Box and you'll get your results within seconds.

Your health

In the palm of your hand.

Whether you want to show it to your nutritionist or personal trainer, you'll have your data whenever you need it on the mobile app. Define goals, see your progress but more importantly, learn about your body and which aspects of your lifestyle have impact on your health.

You can also connect your Fitbit® wristband or Withings® scale to have a continuous and even more holistic view of your health.