Your body is not a blackbox


The technology is here! It's not acceptable that your doctor is the only one that has your health information. You're not in control of your own health, you don't know your body.
You wash your hands everyday as prevention, right? Tomorrow, you will put your hand on a device every morning and you will take control with a holistic snapshot of your health.

Why wait for your test results?

Measure the impact of your lifestyle everyday.

Heart rate, blood pressure

Heart & cardiovascular diseases, hypertension

Blood oxygen

Anemia, asthma, lung & respiratory diseases


Diabetes, cardiovascular health

Cholesterol, Triglycerides

Coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke

The future of medicine is here

And it starts with an outstanding team of scientists.

Preventing and managing these diseases is only the first step: we are using deep learning technologies to build the brain of a doctor. Today, we analyze changes in these biomarkers. Tomorrow we will spot changes in your immune system and finally, detect more complex conditions such as cancer.

Patrick & Hermes


Through our families, we have experienced the anxiety of being diagnosed and living with cancer, diabetes, disabling genetic conditions. As curious scientists and engineers, we've always been passionate about medicine and biology and when we shared that story with each other in late 2016, we knew we had to work together to make prevention accessible to everyone.

Lucia Aronica

Medical advisor

Lucia is a researcher at the Stanford Cancer center. Expert in the field of epigenetic and precision medicine, she shares our vision about the major role that prevention will play the in the future of medicine. From the University of Naples, to Oxford and Stanford, Lucia has received multiple awards for her research, such as the Marie-Curie Fellowship, number one in Europe.

Vie listens and translates what your body says

You want to take control? Our job is to use technology to make it as simple as washing your hands for you to do so. Get recommendations, set goals and track your progress to improve every day.

Be aware of your health, no surprises.

No finger pricking.

You're the norm.

Improve with daily recommendations.

24/7 access to prevention doctors.

Better income for doctors in rural areas.