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Prevent & reverse insulin-related disorders easily for optimal health.

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Over 4 million people have type 2 diabetes.

Medical research is progressing fast. Yet, 50% of the population has at least one chronic disease.

GPs cannot keep up between research and patient load. What if they shouldn't have to?

We provide tools and support to prevent and reverse insulin-resistance without medication, directly to you, and optimize your cardiovascular health.

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Building a feedback loop is essential to set a personal baseline, understand what has impact and stay motivated.

The Vie M is a blood monitoring device based on the most accurate technology available today.

Glucose & Ketone

Blood sugar & ketone bodies measured with test strips.


No more time lost copying readings. They're synchronized on your smartphone automatically.


Our app helps you figure out what to do after each reading to achieve your goals.


The best of modern app design, focused on simplicity of tracking, from how you feel to what you eat.

Identify instantly what foods work for you and get actionable insights to reach your goals.

How many carbs are in...?

Just add the food ingredients in your meals & snacks. We break down their macronutrients and update your daily intake.

Need an idea for dinner?

Low-carb suggestions & recipes based on your daily macros & objectives.

Feeling great? Under the weather?

Mood, energy, behavior, we help you log everything in a couple of taps.


Support is essential to succeed.

From vetted doctors & dietitians, to like-minded individuals, our communities will allow you to find the support and science you need.

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The human map project

We need your help to build a giant map of human physiology.

Using state-of-the-art prediction technology, we will deliver personalized digital therapies that help prevent diabetes.

Volonteer your data

Simply download our mobile app and opt-in anonymously to support our research.

Meet our expert team

Most of us have experienced chronic diseases first-hand. We are scientists at heart, with a first principles, data-driven, personalized approach to medicine.

Patrick Samy

Founder & CEO

Product-driven, previously at Techstars, Microsoft, and researcher at Stanford University.

Adam Bataineh

Medical Doctor

Specialized in genomics for longevity, looking at chronic diseases through the prism of aging.

Lucia Aronica

Research Advisor

Awarded researcher in epigenetics, currently focusing on personalized nutrition and precision medicine.

Renee Harris

Clinical Study Advisor

Designing and managing clinical studies for medical devices, including Medtronic, US leader in the diabetes field.

Here is the research

Recent discoveries in biology and clinical trials in medicine show how nutritrional ketosis can be used to reverse insulin-resistance.